Purchasing Options

Staffed by an experienced team of food scientists and nutritionists, our research and development department specializes in creating custom dressings and sauces for food distributors, independent restaurants and chains.

Private-Label ServicesWe maintain an extensive library of spices and ingredients from only the most reputable suppliers to custom formulate well-known blends or bring a new twist to a familiar original.

House Brand
Our Gourmet Choice, Royal Deluxe or Royal Garden Fresh can satisfy the flavor profile you want.

If you want your label on our products, we can design a specific program for you.

Contractual Purchasing
Royal can offer a contractual purchasing option wherby you can have stable pricing over a specific period of time. Additionally, we can take positions in the commodity markets based upon your needs.

Proprietary Formulas
Maybe you need to produce more of an in-house blend? We have the know-how to take your family favorites and turn them into larger quantities while maintaining flavor consistency.

Custom Formulations
Already have a flavor combination in mind but want your own version of it? We can duplicate virtually any flavor on the market and make it your own.