Message from the President

Brian King, PresidentWelcome to Royal Food Products. Though we have a long history in the food service industry, we operate with the passion and versatility of an entreprenurial company. We keep a forward-looking vision while striving for greater efficiency daily. It's a distinguishing quality we've maintained since 1904. Read more about our history.

You'll find our way of doing business is different from others. It comes down to priorities. Most of our competitors' priority is to sell their own brands. Our first and only priority is serving you, our customer. We believe our success is tied to yours. Read more about our mission.

Finally, you can learn much about the character of a company by its employees. I invite you to read more about the folks who are the heart and soul of Royal Food Products. For many of them, "Royal" has been a part of their family for generations. Read more about our employees.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to serving you.

Brian King
Royal Food Products