Our Employees

All pictures throughout this site are of actual Royal Food Products employees

LorettaLoretta Pearson, Line Leader
A dedicated employee, Loretta has been
with Royal Food Products for over 29 years.

MichaelMichael Shute, Machine Operator
Michael's connection with Royal Food
Products goes back to his childhood.

KimKim Downham, Customer Service Manager
Kim's connection to customers and production
helps Royal build strong customer relationships.

ClaudineClaudine Summers, Line Leader
Claudine enjoys her job and has seen
many changes over the years.

DougDoug Carns, VP of Corporate Development
Doug brings more than years of industry experience
to Royal's sales process.

GarryGarry Brock, Platform Mix Operator
Garry's experience has led to a
first-hand knowledge of Royal's plant.

ZackZack Cheek, Operations Supervisor
As a college intern, Zack found a future
with Royal Food Products.

ErikaErika Cain, Machine Operator
A relatively new employee, Erika jumped
right in to the "Royal" way of doing things.